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Their research concluded that “over 75% of men report they still feel guilty accepting women’s money” when it comes to paying for the first date.Now, this conversation seems to be more prevalent for people who are in the early stages of dating and who are not officially dating yet (because once you’re a couple, it doesn’t really matter who pays for what, as long as you’re alternating).Induction of labour (IOL) means attempting to make labour happen by membrane sweep, using drugs or by rupturing your membranes (breaking your waters) when your body hasn’t gone into labour naturally. (2012) ‘Risk of Stillbirth and infant death stratified by gestational age’, 120(1). (2013) ‘Does induction of labour increase the risk of caesarean section?I have seen women arrive to maternity time and time again for IOL without having the first clue of what it means or why exactly they are being induced. A doctor saying “We need to induce you for x,y or z” is not good enough. Selo-Ojeme, D., Rogers, C., Mohanty, A., Zaidi, N., Villar, R. (2010) ‘Is induced labour in the nullipara associated with more maternal and perinatal morbidity? A systematic review and meta-analysis of trials in women with intact membranes’, BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology., 121(6), pp. Due to a lack of resources in healthcare in Ireland, some hospitals don’t offer this as standard. (2014) ‘Perinatal mortality by gestational week and size at birth in singleton pregnancies at and beyond term: A nationwide population-based cohort study’, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 14(1), p.

There are many reasons a healthcare provider might recommend IOL for you, the more common ones are: The most common reason for IOL is post dates and this is what I will focus on in this post for low risk pregnancies.

The technology is helped by the used of GPS to ensure you are meeting people in the your general area.

The 34-year-old is obviously setting his sights on life after football and announced the news via a video on his personal Twitter account regarding the new project.

This will hopefully make you better informed about IOL and why you may or may not decide to proceed with it. What should happen is your healthcare provider lets you know that they would recommend induction of labour for you because of x, y or z. ’, Archives of gynecology and obstetrics., 284(2), pp.

Then they should go on to explain the benefits of IOL for you, the risks of IOL for you, the process of IOL and the alternatives to IOL.