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Who is tessa virtue dating david pelletier

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"We've had an incredible partnership for the past 12 years and we look forward to that mutual respect and commitment continuing both on the ice and as we parent our son," Sale said in a statement.

"While [divorce] is always a difficult decision, we still share two of the most important parts of our lives in common, and for that reason we wanted it to be amicable and by mutual agreement." This release cued the in-the-know on figure skating message boards to re-affirm that Tessa Virtue and David Pelletier were doing it.

David Pelletier, the 2002 Olympic pairs champion with partner Jamie Sale, says he wouldn't have done it. "I feel everyone has their own reason or motivation to come back, and if you do it for the right reason it makes you that much better.

With the Olympic obligation out of the way, report a divorce is decided upon, carry on as usual with no further comment, until you announce wedding bells to someone else on the actual day you actually married him.A new partnership has formed, one based around their son.Three years later, Salé and Pelletier both live in the same neighbourhood in Edmonton, where they raise their son together. It’s our family and we make it so it’s enjoyable for everyone. Because, in the end, it’s a choice.” Choice is important for Pelletier because, growing up, he didn’t have a lot of it.they don’t have to speak when they perform, at least not verbally. If anyone’s watched Sale/Pelletier perform together in the past year or so, would you be so kind as to post a comment about your thoughts on the performance?But will they be able to skate to anything uplifting from here on with fans truly believing what they “say”? Throughout David and Jamie continued to be accessible in the media and on twitter; they referenced each other in the warmest tones, undaunted by the fact that they had not shared why they had divorced, nor let us know who they were currently dating.