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The other three cards follow developments in style and performance with the SI FHC (1964), SII DHC and the SIII DHC of 1971 depicted as one of the last 50 special edition black E-Types. Included in this first set are a 1952 80-inch Truck Cab, a 1949 80-inch in Automobile Association colours, a 107-inch Pick-up and a 1957 88-inch Hard top model all rather charmingly set against an appropriate background.

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ALL SETS LISTED BELOW ARE IN VERY GOOD TO MINT CONDITIONMotor Car The Bentley (postcard back) 1992 EL1 - This card shows a colour picture of a 1929 41/2 litre Bentley motor car on a pale green background. Classic Jaguar Series 1 (numbered 153-156) 2010 EL4 - Classics indeed, the four models selected for this card series are the XK120, the aluminium-bodied sports car introduced at the London Motor Show of 1948, the Mk II of which more than 100,000 were built between 19, the fabulous high-performance V-12 launched in 1961 and the 420 saloon dating from 1966. W.’s colour artwork pictures each model at an angle from the front, repeated in miniature and followed by descriptive text down the left side of the postcard-format backs. Jaguar E-Type (numbered 149 -152) 2010 EL4 - For many it represented the climax of the true British sports car, and it still turns heads today.

Postcard format back advertises Brindley’s printer. The original 3.8 model pictured on the first of these four cards was a hit from the moment it was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show of 1961. Land Rover Legends Series 1 (Numbered 093-096) 2000 EL4 - These cards show Land Rover Legends, four in all, with descriptions on the postcard format backs.