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Validating competency

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You must validate and move the data in the staging tables into the Enterprise Learning Management application tables.

Use the Load Person Competency Tables page (LM_RUNCTL_OBJV) to run the LM_PRSCOMP process to perform data validation against staged person competency data, and load person competency data from staging tables to application tables.

The groups of IDs must be unique and have no overlap.

Consider using SQL queries to verify that the ID ranges are unique and encompass all employee IDs.

Development and establishment of new APN roles is a complex process2 that has resulted from a wide variety of reasons,3 although a key component is role definition, competency map delineation and role evaluation.4It is noticeable both the heterogeneity of definitions, methodological difficulties through the different attempts at designing competency assessment methods in nursing,5 8 plus the difficulties in defining competence attributes.9 Reviews regarding the development of competencies in nursing do exist but none of them is specifically devoted to advanced practice.10–12The progressive worldwide implementation of these advanced roles has led to a growing development of standards of practice and competency maps,13 but with many different conceptual approaches.14 Some recent efforts have been proposed to establish competency frameworks as a background to develop new APN roles15 16 or reviewing existing ones,17 essentially based on competency mapping and role delineation.18 Consequently, this new scenario needs to validate specific tools for APN competency assessment.

Lives are at stake if nurses' competencies aren't validated.

Validating these skills on time, however, can be a struggle for administrators and employees alike.Create unique employee ID ranges and run these ranges in separate processes, being mindful of the human resource database's collation sequence (that is, its method of sorting data).The process is designed to run multithreaded, using temporary tables to reduce contention.In today’s value-based healthcare environment, it is more important than ever to be able to eliminate guesswork and develop a standard level of competency across the entire organization.Utilizing proven data to identify development needs is not just a nice-to-have. The comprehensive Assess Rx solution is designed to assess a clinicians’ ability to consistently and safely apply clinical knowledge, skills and judgment through the use of multiple valid and reliable assessments.To identify your system's employee ID range, use the following SQL statements: Select to perform post processing and data validation on the interfaced person competency data.