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It’s strong, direct, provoking, and it may even scare you away, but in the end you will see why it shouldn’t.

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Our surveys show that while 71% of teens owned cell phones in 2008: The computer ownership number has been stable since 2006, but it is somewhat complicated because it is sometimes hard for teens and their parents to sort out who owns what technology in a household.Cell phones and mp3 players are personal and heavily personalized devices and tend to be “owned” by one individual.Die Firma CASIO wurde 1945 von den vier Brüdern Kashuio in Tokio gegründet.Dort stellte man zuerst Rechenmaschinen, elektronische Tischrechner und Fotoapparate her. Von Anfang an ging es CASIO darum, hoch technisierte Uhren herzustellen, die schon wesentlich mehr konnten als nur die Zeit anzuzeigen.In this series, we will look at what the future might bring for countries or economic variables we are interested in.

The latest research by Pew Internet showed that by the end of the year in 2012, some 87 percent of American adults were cell phone owners.

We went back to our databanks in light of the intriguing findings about adult mobile phone use in two of our recent reports, and to help lay the ground work for our current project on youth and mobile phones.

Among our questions: How does teen cell phone use stack up against their adoption of other technologies?

Despite the positive benefits to wide use of cellphones, there is a potential bad side to having a cellphone that can be dangerous and even fatal.

Prior to buying a cellphone for minors in the family, parents will want to understand what the negative aspects are and should discuss them with their kids.