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Less frequently discussed are hunks of metal and silicone that do more (wink, wink) than just play fetch or prevent us from falling down the stairs.

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Previous meetings have devolved into mayhem and have lasted well past midnight. Cal is well known for being a research school, and the easiest way to get started is through URAP — the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program.

Mircea Eliade discussed initiation as a principal religious act by classical or traditional societies.After 2 days she told my dad that she also had her private cut.Mum and Dad never knew about it and she was told if she ever tells anyone the sprits will come and kill her immediately.He defined initiation as "a basic change in existential condition," which liberates man from profane time and history."Initiation recapitulates the sacred history of the world.And through this recapitulation, the whole world is sanctified anew...