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Updating thumbnails picasa

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Set album and load images into your Google Picasa Web Albums application (Album and images need to be accessible to public). Now information about your images from your Picasa album will be loaded into Phoca Gallery.

This can take some time (depends on number of loaded images).

Picasa is an excellent photo library and batch photo editor.

In the background, it uses a database to store information about your library.

', CAPTION, 'Table of Contents', BELOW, RIGHT, BGCLASS, 'bg Phoca PDoc Class', CLOSECOLOR, '#000000', FGCOLOR, '#fafafa', BGCOLOR, '#fafafa', TEXTCOLOR, '#000000', CAPCOLOR, '#000000', STICKY, MOUSEOFF, TEXTFONT, 'sans-serif, arial', TEXTSIZE, '2', 'CAPTIONFONT', 'san-serif, arial', CLOSEFONT, 'sans-serif, arial');" onmouseout="return nd();" href="/documentation/category/2-phoca-gallery-component"Important notice (August, 2016)Following guide does not work absolutely. You can import images from Google Photos, but they need to be stored in public albums.

The problem is, for now, you cannot create public albums in Google Photos. with help of Picasa or Google ), their images can be imported to Phoca Gallery.

This helps them identify the photos and jot down thoughts about the image that remain with it forever.

Many photo enthusiasts write descriptive information on the backs of photos they take.

I just installed elements 9 and have been importing photos into the organizer, file by file. I have used PSE9 for about 1 1/2 yrs and it just started doing this to me with all my newest imports. kevin Akshaya, I will repost the image showing the broken thumbnails.

As the organizer pulls the photos it displays thumbnails of the recently imported photos. I'm thinking of abandoning the Adobe elements organizer for good. I've had issues since version 7 off and on and I've rebuilt this catalog two times now. All the old ones are still fine for thumbnail viewing, just everything in about the last month. No one seems to know (in this thread anyway) and I stopped using it. I've been using it since version 3 but Picasa is looking better and better. These same thumbnails are visible using Windows Explorer, Irfanview, or any other program. kevin Kevin, Sorry, looks like my earlier ask was not clear enough.

The trouble is that, with large libraries, the database can grow to several gigabytes or even more.

My computer’s C drive is only a 120GB SSD, and this space matters. Every time I started it, it was sluggish, and crashed within minutes. It was with some help from Win Dir Stat that I found the problem – the db3 folder was the only data hog I couldn’t account for. It was trying to update the database into a full drive.