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Updating a view in plsql

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In addition to causing the contention, they will be HUGE cpu consumers.If you discover your applications do not use bind variables -- you must have this corrected. ADDRESSES is mutating, trigger/function may not see it ORA-06512: at "[username].ADDRESSES_T1", line 9 ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger '[username].A knyv megrsnl szempont volt az is, hogy rszben is hasznlni lehessen.

if you want the database to execute the update operation only if the specified condition is true.

Tom, In my report.txt, week after week, I am seeing the contention for lib. In lib cache latch statistics, the SQL AREA GETHITRATIO is only 0.172 and PINHITRATIO is only 0.685 In the latch statistics section, for library cache Gets 15934992 misses 114277 hit_ratio .993 sleeps 68578 sleeps/misses 0.6 In order to improve this, I increased the shared pool size, set the shared pool reserved size and pinned the often reloaded objects. What might be the other steps that I should take to avoid the latch contention on lib. Thanks Ravi Lbrary cache latch contention is typically caused by NOT using bind variables. One way to see if this might be the case in your situation is to run a script like: create table t1 as select sql_text from v$sqlarea; alter table t1 add sql_text_wo_constants varchar2(1000); create or replace function remove_constants( p_query in varchar2 ) return varchar2 as l_query long; l_char varchar2(1); l_in_quotes boolean default FALSE; begin for i in 1 ..

length( p_query ) loop l_char := substr(p_query,i,1); if ( l_char = '''' and l_in_quotes ) then l_in_quotes := FALSE; elsif ( l_char = '''' and NOT l_in_quotes ) then l_in_quotes := TRUE; l_query := l_query