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On May 1, label Muteki released the 29-year-old’s debut, titled “Snow Drop.” Thus far, she has been winning over customers of online retailers, according to J-Cast News (May 12).According to the latest data, the DVD registers with a score of 3.5 with jp and 4 with (both out of 5).However, fans have been awarding her with a figurative gold medal for her performance.Glowing reviews include one that said the release was “a great performance as a debut title by a celebrity, and Melo Imai is suited to be an AV actress.”Another said: “This debut title isn’t your average ‘I got naked and I did the deed’ type of deal that celebrities usually do.Goodwill guides are Japanese locals who volunteer to bring foreigners around - either because they're looking for interesting experiences or want to pick up foreign languages.We were surprised when our guide, Taka, told us that most of his guests were from South America.

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There’s no full service on offer, but that’s par for the course for this kind of operation (even when the clientele is Japanese).

Kinshicho, together with neighboring Kameido - one stop east on the Chuo-Sobu Line - forms one of Tokyo's seven official sub-metropolitan centers, or fukutoshin.

The area surrounding Kinshicho station is divided into a largely shopping-oriented north, and a largely gambling- and love-hotel-oriented south.

She really excites the viewer by drawing out her eroticism in what turned out to be a proper AV.

The parts of her body where she got plastic surgery indeed stand out, but her skin is beautiful, and she has this mature, feminine charm.