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Soa updating zone files

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NSD, Power DNS) are using the zone files only as a starting point to compile them into database format, see also Microsoft DNS with Active Directory-database integration.

By if you are using third-party name servers which you do not control as your secondary name servers (such as Peer 1's Super DNS servers), then these settings are vitally important to how fast any changes are propagated.The format of a zone file is defined in RFC 1035 (section 5) and RFC 1034 (section 3.6.1).This format was originally used by the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software package, but has been widely adopted by other DNS server software – though some of them (e.g.Any change requires time before it will be seen everywhere on the Internet.But what many don't understand is that how fast or slow these updates are propagated is actually under their direct control through the SOA record. Although you have control over the speed that updates are propagated throughtout the Internet, they will never, ever, be instantenous! Your only control is over how short or long this delay will be.So a DNS zone file contains an SOA record specifying the authoritative name server, along with some other information such as a "serial number".