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Sedating felines for neutering

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Kittens should be given a dose of atipamezole equivalent to half the dose of medetomidine received, so that they can eat as soon as possible after surgery. Ketamine is combined with xylazine, given concomitantly in one syringe. The cat should be protected against the cold surface of the operating table with a towel and heat pad.

If a catheter or other monitoring equipment is used, the technicians will shave areas on either the front or back leg, and possibly the bottom of a back foot as well.

An endotracheal tube is placed in the windpipe to protect the airway and administer anesthesia 6.

Isoflorane gas anesthesia and oxygen are delivered with an anesthesia machine to maintain the pet under anesthesia 7.

-Significantly reduce the potential for prostate infections and enlargement -Decreased aggression, dominance related problems and roaming -Decreased urine marking -In male cats, a decreased risk of Feline AIDs (FIV) and other diseases spread by mating Your pet should be dropped off for surgery between am and am - no food/water the night before after pm 1. Molly on the pet and if needed blood samples taken for pre-anesthetic blood testing 2.

A pre-medication of morphine is administered to sedate the pet, prevent pain and anxiety - seen below 3.