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School policy on teachers dating parents

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Can the commissioner of education change the Texas Education Code?No, the Texas Legislature changes the Texas Education Code. (a) A parent is entitled to:(1) petition the board of trustees designating the school in the district that the parent's child will attend, as provided by Section 25.033;(2) reasonable access to the school principal, or to a designated administrator with the authority to reassign a student, to request a change in the class or teacher to which the parent's child has been assigned, if the reassignment or change would not affect the assignment or reassignment of another student;(3) request, with the expectation that the request will not be unreasonably denied:(A) the addition of a specific academic class in the course of study of the parent's child in keeping with the required curriculum if sufficient interest is shown in the addition of the class to make it economically practical to offer the class;(B) that the parent's child be permitted to attend a class for credit above the child's grade level, whether in the child's school or another school, unless the board or its designated representative expects that the child cannot perform satisfactorily in the class; or(C) that the parent's child be permitted to graduate from high school earlier than the child would normally graduate, if the child completes each course required for graduation; and(4) have a child who graduates early as provided by Subdivision (3)(C) participate in graduation ceremonies at the time the child graduates.(b) The decision of the board of trustees concerning a request described by Subsection (a)(2) or (3) is final and may not be appealed. The commissioner's decision under this subsection is final and may not be appealed.(f) A school district or open-enrollment charter school from which a parent of a student requests permission to enroll the student in an electronic course offered through the state virtual school network under Chapter 30A has discretion to select a course provider approved by the network's administering authority for the course in which the student will enroll based on factors including the informed choice report in Section 30A.108(b). The term does not include a person as to whom the parent-child relationship has been terminated or a person not entitled to possession of or access to a child under a court order. In this chapter, "parent" includes a person standing in parental relation.

However, state law does give the commissioner the ability to waive a few specific statutory requirements.4.

Anonymous tips on bullying can be sent to Safe2Tell at 1-877-542-7233, by visiting safe2or by using the Safe2Tell app on their mobile device.

All members of the DPS community deserve to learn or work in an environment in which they are treated with dignity and respect.

Bullying can occur through written, verbal or electronic means, or by a physical act or gesture.

To protect students, DPS has several policies and procedures in place, listed below.