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Sccm collection not updating hourglass

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– Automation, what a novel idea πŸ™‚ Ever have the need to create a device collection in SCCM that automatically updates it’s membership on a regular basis based on something as simple as what the computer name of a system is?

Use the query below for creating this type of Dynamic Computer Collection based on a string inside the computer name.

The last part of the query, β€œ%Server%” limits the query to only return results for machines with Server based operating systems.

Notice that the software in question is listed twice in this query, this query will look in both the x86 and x64 Add/Remove Programs listing.

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Resource Id not in (select Resource ID from SMS_R_System where ((DATEDIFF(day, SMS_R_SYSTEM.

Once the package is created, it is automatically deployed to deployment point and servers perform updates on their maintenance period.

This update method should not be used on complex environment as Hyper-V cluster or Exchange infrastructure.

This post will keep updated on Day to Day basic with Newly Faqs. You should click yes in this dialog box to publish the most recent version of the client software to he software update point. To finish configuring the software update point client installation, click OK. β€’ You want to use the most secure method available for authenticating management points to Advanced Clients.

β€’ You want to use automatic key exchange for secure site-to-site communication .