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With persistent chat, you can search for content within and across rooms, and create alerts (notifications) and filters (topic feeds) to track conversations in particular rooms and about specific topics.

And, you can create and manage your own chat rooms, if you’ve been authorized by your Lync administrator.

You can browse through the list of available rooms. Click one of the chat rooms on the right, and then click Go Chat.

To make your search easier, the available chat rooms are divided into different categories. You can also search for a specific chat room by using the Chat Finder feature.

Choose one of the categories on the left and double-click it.3. Type the name of the desired chat room in the search box at the top of the window.

When you're no longer using a chat room and want to keep your chat sidebar up to date, you can clear it out by using the Archive feature.

I should have things laid out with the Heartand Fiero club. I think there were a bit more than 200 Fieros registered.....

Public (Listed): The room is visible to everyone, and anyone can join.

The room is searchable and appears in all relevant lists.

There are 5 other panels if I remember correctly with the Indy logo the GT logo the Heartland club logo etc. If he is I would love to get his white 88 GT up there for him to tell us about and sign!!!

also plan on bringing samples of everything that I have come up with so far. So, is there an entry form or a details sheet available? (most modified, lowest miles, most miles, best paint, etc) Ours isn't a show car, but we'd still like to attend.