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In winforms I need to customize 5 events in addition to the cellvalidation event.

I'll put a post there as soon as I'm sure I completely understand what they did where and why.

I have a Customer Grid and a Project Grid and in both there is a column Valid Until. I want to show the user an info when he clicks on a cell in Rad Grid View, but only if the cell is not in editmode.

If I change this column in the Customer Grid, I want to update the same column in the Project Grid. I use the Cell Click event for this, but how can I determine if the cell is in edit ... The data is indexed alphabetically in the main field of the row.

Cell Validating Dim column As Grid View Data Column = Try Cast(e. Row Is Grid View Data Row Info And Also column Is Not Nothing And Also column.

Then within the buttons code you test for the variables value if its true no code is executed.

This Employee class encapsulates a list of type Product which has a property Item.

I have a Data Grid View that is bound to a list of object. There are certain inputs that are not allowed for a row as a whole.

The 2nd thing worked, but the error message ONLY gets displayed when I move the mouse onto the border of the cell (else it is just not shown).

When I add a new row and press update, off course it goes to its place in the row order. I need to disable a context menu if there are no rows for a radgridview. I am getting problem that when I am exporting the file the generated excel file has ...

Currently if there are no rows, I can right-click anywhere on the grid and the context menu will display. I'm trying to implement a sniffer tool (just like Wireshark). This is a hierarchical grid where there is Select All functionality.

This event occurs whenever cells are selected or the selection is canceled, whether programmatically or by user action.

For example, this event is useful when you want display the sum of the currently selected cells.