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QUESTION FROM A READER: Hi Carlos, I live in Rome, Italy.

What happens here is that girls are really difficult as a result of the fact that all guy are really aggressive, they literally don’t let them breath. (The “have it all” syndrome, where they end up with nothing they want.) Men trying to be women. (Not recommended, way too much effort.) Or you can slip in under their radar. Tell her you didn’t want to interrupt her day, but you suspected that you might be able to help her find some good conversation.

I asked my “buddy” (Who will be known as “C” here) if she’d explain more about this guy at her work that the ladies enjoy.

That made me come to the conclusion that she probably doesn’t fancy me as she used to so I broke up with her(but very recently she told me on one of our phone calls that my judgement were wrong).(I cover this in the Dating Black Book e-book.) Joke about your “devastating” good looks with a woman.You have to do it in a way that is: A) Not self-deprecating, meaning that it doesn’t look like you’re putting yourself down. B) Make it clear that you don’t take yourself that seriously. Uh, not that I’ve kissed Tom or anything.” Jump on the chance to joke about your looks.What I am speaking of, is a man whose character is clearly defined, in an unassuming, resolute manner.Ya know the thing that’s so refreshing about Bret is that he is the consummate gentleman.A lady “companion” of mine (she hates the term “buddy,” so I’ll be discreet here) wrote this treasure to give you guys an understanding of what will attract women.