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The plant probably originated in Persia and was originally cultivated for its leaves and seeds.

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After a brief period of initial support in the 1920s, during which some instruction and publishing in Bukhori took place, Soviet authorities made Russian the language of education, culture, and authority.

Today, Russian continues to be an important lingua franca for many immigrant communities from the former Soviet Union, Jewish and non-Jewish, including Bukhori.

Jack Gostl, the president of the Forest Hills Jewish Center, pointed out the need to bring together all the residents in the area.

Younger Bukharians are increasingly learning English and Hebrew, the languages of their newly adopted homelands.

Traditionally written with Hebrew letters, notably by Rabbi Shimon Hakham in Jerusalem, Bukhori has also been adapted for the Cyrillic and Roman alphabets, with hundreds of books having been published on a wide array of subjects.

Data from various independent sources suggest that there were 6,000-6,500 Jews in the amirate of Bukhara, 4,000-4,500 of them in the city itself (Neymark, pp. 202, table 11; 223, table 13; 284, table 22; 295, table 24; 306, table 27; with somewhat misleading distribution among language groups), there were an estimated 40,000 Central Asian Jews in the USSR (corrected by about 15 percent for Central Asian Jewish native speakers of Russian).

This natural increase, about 40 percent in eleven years, is to be explained by normalization in the composition of the procreative age group and a general improvement in socioeconomic conditions.