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If your site is using multiple widgets you can set up Twitter widgets in your pages once, which will make your site faster, and widgets such as embedded Tweets will be more reliable for authors when using content management systems. Create questions, ask your audience to vote and discuss the live chart results.Also, it was VERY easy to vote multiple times despite there being an option to turn that off.While some students did find ways to vote more than once on your service, it was much more difficult.While I feel like you advertised well, your site seemed almost too good to be true. You have a great free product - I would suggest advertising “NO CAPS”, “NO RESTRICTIONS”, etc more prominently.It took me a lot of searching to find your service, but if I found it earlier I would have stopped immediately. (another website/product) The website was buggy and on some phones wouldn’t render correctly.Mobile users will need to additionally opt out of advertising through special control settings embedded in i OS and Android.

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