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The second tab was all about the dates - what night of the week, how long they were, where they went, how many drinks they had.“I had no idea what was actually going to be insightful, so I was putting as much stuff in as I could.”52 guys, 334.5 hours of date time and two years later, Carin’s results are in.

Carin found that when she met someone IRL she was way more likely to be into them.

At pm, while at work, the young woman, who told the story on Reddit under the username Zedevile, was messaged by someone she thought was a friend on Facebook.

However, it was really an imposter pretending to be her friend on the social media site.“She asks me if I could vote for her in some modelling competition she's participating in,” the woman explained.“I said cool, send me a link.

She asked me if I could be added to her group to do this, and asked if I was Apple/Android?

She asked for my apple ID, then my google-circles ID (Google ?

).”After they obtained the apple ID and Google ID the supposed friend began to stage a panic.

It's a new, little known, hacking forum actually called Hell.

She asked for the password.“I thought there was no harm and I would just change the password right after.

It was the password to a Gmail ID I never use anyway,” the young woman wrote.

She thinks it’s because meeting someone online turns the first date into a “crafted experience” that can be “super awkward”.“Meeting people in person is the best way to do it, I don't need a spreadsheet to tell me that,” she said.“But aside from that, because it can be hard to meet people in person…

I learnt that [dating sites] where you have to fill out all these fields don't work for me because they create a lot of expectations that aren't useful.