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Liquidating business inventory

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Further, the professionalism and sophistication of some liquidating firms have evolved so dramatically in recent years, many retailers have found that liquidators can be valuable partners with resources necessary to achieve certain goals.Many of you are familiar with the "traditional" approach to inventory liquidation through a bankruptcy.Liquidate Now offers you a tried and trusted channel through which to sell your obsolete or unwanted goods without interfering with your current sales channel(s).With over a decade of specialization in the liquidation industry, Via Trading has a wide global reach, resale channel network and a leading reputation in the industry.This is a very common mistake for first timers in this industry.Traditionally, the best type of products to purchase under inventory liquidation conditions are power and hand tools, nonperishable food items, books, music CDs, toys, building materials, and electronics.

It's the ultimate system to sell your store quickly and safely, and turn inventory, fixtures, and equipment into cash. There are probably thousands of dollars worth of hidden assets in your business that you haven't even thought about. To get answers that put you in control, e-mail [email protected] Now is a program developed by Via Trading to assist manufacturers, distributors, retailers & traders to liquidate their excess inventory.With over 12 years of specialization in the liquidation industry, Viatrading and Liquidate Now offer unparalleled exposure for your goods both domestically and internationally to a database of over 130,000 wholesale liquidation buyers and a mailing list of 200,000 opt-in subscribers.We create a customized solution to liquidate your inventory that is designed meet your needs.“Via Trading’s liquidation program is an extremely valuable resource for our business.Based on the quantity available, the mix of products and the desired recovery, it can be worthwhile to sell the liquidation lot in small quantities to many buyers until it sells out.