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New emojis are bundled with system updates for i OS and Android, as emoji fonts and relevant Unicode support is provided at an OS level These aren't old phones not getting updates: they're brand new phones running an out of date OS. Looking at Emojipedia statistics for the start of 2017, the lack of Android users running any new version is stark.

Just 4% of Android users are using any variation of 7.x Nougat (released in August-September 2016), resulting in 96 out of 100 Android users not seeing the latest emojis: Google's own statistics on Android version share show worse results with under 1% using Android 7.0 Nougat.

Snapchat, Messenger, Whats App, Telegram and Slack all use emoji-replacement images on Android; in a trend started by Twitter with Twemoji which was released when the most popular browser on Windows (Chrome) didn't include emoji support.Now I've got a new mini-project going and my goal is to produce a prototype PCB for some testing of a couple of resistors.I want to use the method of 4-terminal sensing, and have therefore drawn a schematic with 2 N-type PCB mounts.You need to commit your outstanding changes, or stash them, pull/rebase/merge/whatever you're doing to update, and unstash It's not actually the pull - it's the merge that's part of the pull.You'll see the same error if you try to merge a local branch with the same problem, and I think other mergey operations (apply, stash apply...) print similar errors if not the same one.[git reset --hard HEAD] worked for me.By contrast, i OS didn't include any new emoji updates until i OS 10 in September.