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A smaller horn sprouts just behind the tips of its blunt muzzle.

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Now I’m quite partial to a good boy hug myself, but I’m nowhere near Sam’s confirmed addict status.I think I’ve observed a trend, however, in the physical affection department of fathers, particularly towards their sons, that has me quite worried.An academic was doing the capping and handing over of degree thing with his own son. Why is it such an abnormal thing for a father to show real physical affection towards his grown-up son?South Carolina head coach Frank Martin (far left) celebrates with his assistant coaches and players after the Gamecocks defeated Florida in Sunday's NCAA East Regional final to reach the Final Four.David Ortiz has been making the most of his final season.Just last week he was posing for photos with Steph Curry in the clubhouse. If you’re interested in the home run that caused all of this, you can watch that here.If you’re in that camp, feel free to move along now. Characters are the live version of animated creatures/people found in Disney films and television programs.

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A piece of twine firmly knotted to the backstrap of his new Final Four cap, Justin Mc Kie bounded across rows of seats and up to one section of the stands, where his father was waiting for him.

Includes a placid canoe trip on our river to experience the sloths’ rainforest habitat. Please arrive 20 minutes early to register before your Buttercup Tour begins at the top of the hour.

Start times are AM/AM/AM/AM/PM/PM/PM, Tuesday through Sunday.

Here’s the scoop on what you need to know about meeting characters at Walt Disney World.

SPOILER ALERT – I’ll be using words like costume and mask which may dull the magic a bit for true believers.