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“The Australian Government remains committed to doing everything it can to support the mental health needs of current and former Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel and their families,” Mr Tehan said.

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If these skulls were shown to scale (and they are not), the composite skull of this Homo naledi (left), with a braincase of only 560 cc, would be lost beside the modern human skull shown on the right.With its small size, sloped face, and lack of protruding nasal bones, however, it could easily accommodate an australopithecine ape’s brain.Such braincases are much smaller than those seen in most archaic humans1 and less than half the average for modern humans.

I wonder if a similar record could be made for the largest ever gay speed dating event too!I'm just wondering if any one has ever tried hosting a gay speed dating event in Pattaya or would like to see one.It's certainly something I'd like to try and would pay for - ideally a structure where I could have a quick chat with a large number of guys over the course of a few hours.What say you bar-owners and butterflies of Pattaya?Speed dating is when a group of people looking for dates appear, maybe at a hotel. Individual tables are set up - People 1 on 1 go to each table, intro themselves, try to get to know someone in about 2-5 mins, a bell goes off, then people proceed to another table.... If there is chemistry, info is exchanged and the romance can blossom. if it were a gathering of some of the more prurient-oriented participants...Until type relationship would be interested in phpbb by the and energy levels to keep up favorite porn star as if it’s.