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The dirtiest keyboard had 480, compared to less than 20 units per swab of an office toilet.

All those flourishing germs can thank today's busy lifestyles, the company said, with people taking their gadgets into the bathroom with them to multitask, or rushing from bathroom breaks back to work without properly washing their hands.

You’ll often hear people squealing about the horror of sitting on a toilet seat.

After all, it’s where we sit to do some of the most unpleasant things humans have to do on a daily basis.

The reporter then interviewed the microbiologist, John Golobic, who identified a few of the bacteria present as “enterics”, that is they are bacteria that normally live in the intestines.A few of the beards contained standard stuff while others revealed fecal matter.While the microbiologist recommended a good beard scrubbing and regular hand-washing to diminish the amount of germs, he didn’t explain how a man’s beard could end up with poop in the first place.advises using a dry lint-free cloth to wipe them clean.Apple advises consumers to not use alcohol-based cleaners on i Phones or i Pads, which can damage the screen.But that underlying “study” was actually merely a brief local news report by Albuquerque station KOAT that consisted of a newsperson and a Quest Diagnostics lab in Albuquerque taking swabs from the beards of a small handful of volunteers, analyzing them for microbes, finding a few seemingly yucky results, and discussing the outcome with a single microbiologist — from whom a few very short, sensational-sounding, out-of-context sound bites were excerpted.