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A recently published study claims that an ancient earthquake can explain why radiocarbon dating tests conducted on the shroud may not have been accurate. A recently published study in the journal , however, claims that an earthquake that hit Jerusalem in 33 C. may have increased the shroud’s carbon-14 levels—putting into doubt the accuracy of the original radiocarbon tests. Front and back images of a man who seems to have been crucified can be seen on the 14-by-3.5-foot linen cloth. Bryant, Jr., in the November/December 2000 issue of BAR, the tradition of Jesus’ burial shroud and the cloth now known as the Shroud of Turin has had a long and complicated history: Eusebius reports that in 30 A. a certain Thaddeus, one of Jesus’ disciples, gave “a cloth with an image on it” to King Abgar V, whose palace was in Edessa (in modern Turkey).Abgar was severely ill with what scholars now believe may have been leprosy. Finding talent is just the first step - next you need to test their programming skills.Our service can't completely replace the interview process, but it can save you a lot of time by helping you avoid wasting time talking to incompetent developers.However, after Abgar touched the cloth, he was miraculously healed.The news of his cure spread rapidly, and soon many pilgrims were flocking to Edessa to see and touch the cloth.

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Some believers today say that the Mandylion was the shroud, folded into eighths to make a small square, leaving only the face visible.

"Now we know he's not from the Bronze Age, but much older," said Dr. He said the Oxford and Zurich results, based on similar dating techniques, were in close agreement, but it was impossible to be sure of a more precise age.

Werner Platzer, head of the anatomy department at Innsbruck University in Austria, who is directing research on the mummified corpse. It means, I believe, that this is the only corpse we have from the Stone Age." Unusual Post-Mortem The tests on bones and skin tissue were conducted by scientists at Oxford University in England and a Swiss physics institute in Zurich. Copper Ax a Clue The tests showed the skin to be "marginally younger" than the bone tissue, Dr.

The results were announced by Innsbruck University, which is keeping the body in cold storage and supervising one of the most unusual post-mortems in history. Rupert Housley, a researcher at the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, said in an interview by telephone from Innsbruck that the analysis showed the Alpine iceman lived in one of three intervals from 3500 B. Housley said, but this was to be expected, since a living human body is replacing skin more frequently than bone tissue.

The corpse was found in September in a glacier 10,500 feet up in the Austrian Alps, close to the Italian border.