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The base date in construction contracts is generally used as a mechanism for the allocation of risk between the client and contractor for changes that might occur in the period between the contractor pricing the tender and the signing of the contract.

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Prior to heading across the pond, I had been chatting occasionally with a guy who seemed pretty nice. (sigh) But even though that gave me a serious case of cold feet, I decided to just see what was really going on with him. I just wanted some clarity about what was going on. He assured me that she was just bitter and angry and her complaint was a dispute over some money that was owed. Considering that just the day before we had a long conversation about trust and being honest -- a conversation that was initiated by him in fact -- I found it strange and unsettling that when given an opportunity to be completely honest and forthcoming, he was perturbed. Why you mad at me because this chick is on twitter saying you stole her stuff? Not outright bad perhaps but just a little too slick for my comfort.

I did not go to her because she was a stranger and ultimately didn't matter at that point. What she accused him of was pretty serious to me and I wanted to know that I wasn't about to step into a bad scene with a criminal. in the very beginning, I felt that he might have been a little shady. I believe people will lie more often than they will tell the truth, if the lie will make them look better and the truth might expose some vulnerabilities or failings. well, my trust and faith has to be EARNED and over a period of time. but months of consistency will show me whether or not I can trust you.

She is currently in pre-production to play the leading role in the coming-of-age feature film Hardly Easlie.

From the patch of wiry gray hair at the front of my head, to the scar that zips across my hips just below my bikini line.

(and we all know how much intelligence excites me). Difficult to describe really but it wasn't something that I dismissed easily. I'd met him two times at a happy hour event but since he was working the event, we didn't spend more than 5 minutes together. And that gave me a glimmer of hope because the date idea was a good one. An unusual date that gives the two of us a chance to talk, take in some sights and just get to know each other... Unfortunately, it had to wait until I returned from my trip. ** Anyone who knows me -- and if you're reading this blog, you've probably got a good idea of this too -- I love social media and use it vigorously. So, imagine my surprise when I'm skipping across twitter one day and I notice that there is a person on twitter just talking about him like a dog. My first reaction was surprise and then I was disappointed. Despite what people may think, social media has an impact on your life.

And there was something else about him that left me feeling off-balance, a bit uncomfortable. There wasn't anything overtly "wrong" but things didn't feel exactly right either. *gas face* While I appreciated the invitation, it was kind of a waste of time to sit and watch someone work. Eventually, he got around to asking me out for a proper date. The regular ideas (dinner, drinks, movies, etc.) are good but predictable. So, an opportunity to play tourist in my city seemed like a fresh slice of sunshine. This chick was mad and she wanted the world to know. I felt badly for her because it was obvious that she was hurt and felt deceived by this guy and I felt like she needed to have more maturity than to take her displeasure with him to the entire world.

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