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Creating online dating profiles helps consumers carefully consider potential matches.

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The passage of time often reveals hidden flaws, and observing the way a person deals with challenges and conflicts may present possible deal breakers.

Being a parent requires you to ask questions: Is this person worthy of being around my children?

Would he or she be a good role model and influence?

Is he or she a good fit for not just me, but also for my kids?

I remembered those initial spikes of ecstasy, the frenzy and euphoria lasted about four months.

Then, when it plummeted, I clung to the hope of returning to the beginning infatuation and all its components: good sex, long talks, heart-pounding anticipation when the phone rang, and the need to be permanently attached at the hip.

As he chatted, I deduced that he was a lawyer who had lived in the same Brooklyn neighborhood as me five years ago.

Love the second time around is possible, but as parents with children, your evaluation process is much more complicated and should be very thorough.

I asked how he was, but really, all I wanted to know was who he was. Sure enough, we had gone on five dates before I had ghosted him.

He kept talking as if he knew me, asking about my writing career and even mentioning the name of one of my friends.

As a divorce recovery coach, I’ve seen my clients do it over and over, now it’s my turn.

As I stand up and dust myself off – and try to make sense of what happened – I see that there are three conditions that must be present to make a new relationship endure.