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used and sent back) one with a 70/80 speaker for 50.

How would you ship it and guarantee it would work on arrival?

With roots stretching to the late ’70s, So Cal-based Rivera Amplification is best known for their handbuilt-in-the-U. The Blues Shaman is an overdrive designed to produce the tone and response of smaller class A amplifiers.

With the exception of the Acoustic Chorus Shaman, all were tested through clean amps set with flat EQ to hear each pedal’s uncolored characteristics (the Acoustic box was tested through a PA).

They are nice amps, but I'm on the west coast, and pickup is generally best with these. 2002 Fender Telecaster USA Vintage White/Ash/Rosewood board.

One to box the amp into with foam around it, and then I would pack with foam peanuts and place in a second box. G&L Legacy USA Custom Antique White/Rosewood board.

The Combo position lends an intimacy to the dynamics of the Blues Shaman, while the Stack position really opens it up and lets it rip.

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Not to be overlooked, however, are the firm’s pedal offerings, specifically their Shaman series of effects boxes.

The box comes equipped with Tone, Level, and Gain knobs, as well as a Combo/Stack switch that changes the dynamics to simulate an open-back combo amp or a closed-back stack.

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