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However, many countries refuse to waive immunity as a matter of course; individuals have no authority to waive their own immunity (except perhaps in cases of defection).

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In contrast, very little sign of coral re-establishment was found at Stone Island suggesting delayed recovery.These results provide a valuable reference point for managers to continue monitoring the recovery (or lack thereof) of coral communities at these reefs..It resulted in the collection of copies of over 9,000 photographs from rural and regional Victoria dating from the 1890s to the 1940s.These photographs continue to be a resource for the entire community, appearing in education programs, history books, exhibitions, student projects, and community projects.I now have art work chosen by my Great, Great grandfather, and also see the people that hopefully he brought happiness to when capturing them in his work. Long-term data with high-precision chronology are essential to elucidate past ecological changes on coral reefs beyond the period of modern-day monitoring programs.In 2012 we revisited two inshore reefs within the central Great Barrier Reef, where a series of historical photographs document a loss of hard coral cover between c.1890–1994 AD.Here we use an integrated approach that includes high-precision U-Th dating specifically tailored for determining the age of extremely young corals to provide a robust, objective characterisation of ecological transition.

This card, sent from the Sudan in 1941, features a photograph of a soldier inserted into a festive mount.We find some of the most common queries from readers are to do with photo dating.Boxes of old photographs can sometimes come down the family with no indication of who the sitters are.Always judge by the younger women in the photograph if possible.The Biggest Family Album in Australia project was undertaken by Museum Victoria between 19.Declining water quality as a result of rapid coastal development since European settlement (c.1850) in conjunction with crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks and coral bleaching, is believed to have also resulted in a decline in coral cover and changes in community composition on inshore reefs.