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The show closely resembles its sister show Flavor of Love.

Dating in high school is stupid

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One step further, I think these people are by far the most datable ones years after graduation.

Here are 20 reasons why you should go for the girl who wasn't popular in high school [gasp].

Yes love is real and you can fall in love in high school but chances are there is a much better match for you out there. Being tied down from the moment you enter puberty is not good for your character or your ego. At the time of its conception, you were being lied to about the number of people in the dating pool, the level of attractiveness some people can reach, and the maturity relationships should be based on.

The majority of high school sweetheart I know broke up for college or for some period of time after high school. High school is a time of raging emotions and poorly executed communication.

For the purpose of this piece, however, I'd like to focus on the people who remember high school a little differently.

Specifically, those who weren't as “popular” as others.

This means people are willinging to get into a relationship with someone they might not have given a second look in the real world (high school is not the real world, silly).

Dating can be quite confusing and distracting for young teens.

So, when you're near someone (like Monday-Friday 8 a.m.

til 3 p.m.) you might become more and more attracted to them eventually leading to your first, or first of few high school relationships.

I look at her, all dolled up in heels and a cute crop top, and then I look back at my bed, soft and warm, offering a Saturday night of TV, calls with high-school friends, and microwavable macaroni and cheese.

Do I push myself to meet new people (and risk spending the next four hours smiling and saying “hey, where are you from?