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), or to meet up with your old friend from England, or to make the last-minute meeting at the office, letting your significant somebody know that he is preferable to any of your causes, obligations or goals not only keeps him from feeling like just another check-off on your to-do list, but also affirms that he is item number one on your to-adore list.

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The men who buy sex tend to call themselves 'hobbyists' or 'punters', the anti-sex work types call them 'Johns', and sex workers call them 'customers' or 'clients'. The majority of clients are men - both of male and female sex workers.

The famous Kinsey report estimated that over 60 per cent of US men had paid for sex, but that was the war generation - things would no doubt be different now.

But they have these "soaplands" all around the country where you can pay an independent contractor for a massage (so it’s not a brothel) and if you happen to hit if off really, really well and other things happen to go on, well, then that’s all fine and dandy.

Russia - Since all those smoking hot Russian models are CLEARLY dating those 75-year-old billionaires for their good looks and charming personalities, Russia has deemed formal prostitution a mere “administrative offense,” kind of like drinking in public or speeding.

But, if you pay an escort to have sex, then it becomes prostitution.

Prostitution is sex for money and it is a crime in California.

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Escort licenses are very difficult to obtain in Los Angeles.

California Penal Code Section 647(b), also known as solicitation for prostitution, makes it illegal to someone to engage in an act of prostitution.

Solicitation for prostitution is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in county jail.

Escorts who provide sexual services are aggressively prosecuted in Los Angeles.

Paying an escort to be your date or companion is legal.