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Cursor for updating in oracle

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I dont know why its taking only the last value from the cursor and updating all.

In computer science, a database cursor is a control structure that enables traversal over the records in a database.

So, change your "b"s to "i"s, re-try, and let us know the results.

Mufasa(aka Dave of Sandy, Utah, USA)[I provide low-cost, remote Database Administration services: , based upon the results of his DESCRIBE statement, which will also generate the "PL/SQL: ORA-00904: "RETENTION_ID": invalid identifier" error.(Sorry that I've been gone so much...

A cursor can be viewed as a pointer to one row in a set of rows.

Defines the attributes of a Transact-SQL server cursor, such as its scrolling behavior and the query used to build the result set on which the cursor operates.

DECLARE CURSOR accepts both a syntax based on the ISO standard and a syntax using a set of Transact-SQL extensions.

PUT_LINE( emp_first_name