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Consolidating direct plus loans

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If you’re a college student or recent graduate, then you’ve probably thought more about student loans and how to pay them off than you’d like.

With so much information out there, it may be difficult to figure out your best course of action.

Loans that are in an in-school status cannot be included in a Direct Consolidation Loan.Your repayment term will generally start within 60 days of when your consolidation loan is first disbursed and will be based on your total federal student loan balance, among other factors; click on the link below for more details.[Back to top] Applying for consolidation takes most borrowers less than 30 minutes, according to the Federal Student Aid website.Borrowers who have variable rate direct loans and PLUS loans may wish to wait until the new variable interest rates are announced to evaluate whether to consolidate loans before or after the new variable rates are effective.The Perkins Loan forgiveness (cancellation) options are not available for the Perkins Loan amount included in a consolidation loan.However, under current regulatory legislation, in-school status loans cannot be included in a consolidation loan.