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Consolidating databases excel

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It was a data-heavy job, and I was lucky enough to have a boss that took the time to show me a thing or two about Excel. It's probably one of the most practical things I learned at university!

The VLOOKUP function is a straightforward way to merge data in Excel.

I also need to be able to continue to pull new data from SQL automatically. It works by using an INDEX function to step down the rows and across the columns of the SQL data until the values are exhausted and an error condition results.

The most common reason for that is different numbers of rows (entries) between the two datasets we're working to combine.

For example, you have 2 Excel tables - "Products" and "Stores" and they both have a column with the "Product".

You want to match Excel worksheets by "Product", update the "Price" column and add the "Store" column from the Second sheet (let's call it Lookup Table) to your Main sheet (Master Table).

Note that the lookup is still done in the first column.

This is because VLOOKUP needs the lookup data to be sorted on the column where the lookup is done.