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"EC will monitor and investigate any form of false news being uploaded on social media to ensure the commission's reputation is not adversely affected." The EC might lodge a police report against the people spreading the video on social media so that action can be taken against them, the statement said.

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In July of each year, the town hosts scores of people who arrive to take in the beauty of the famous Neepawa flowers.The lengthy history of the community adds more attraction to the town.This is the best opportunity for players to try a tournament for the first time because the top provincial players typically do not play in this tournament, meaning closer competition for beginners and intermediate players.All players are expected to bring their own racquet and proper indoor footwear and active clothing.To learn more about interest groups, please peruse the information below – feel free to contact interest group executives regarding future events.Attending Interest Group Night (held annually in September) is another opportunity to meet interest group leaders and learn more.Growers in Neepawa produce some of the finest lilies in the world.

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Mondragon, as a child, would accompany his dad to Chavez's house, and was taken along on union rallies.

In order to obtain/retain official MMSA interest group status, an annual application must be returned to the Vice-Stick Internal.

There are separate applications for new groups and returning groups.

Categories & Events: Open - Mens & Womens Singles, Mens & Womens Doubles, Mixed Doubles U15/U17/U19 - Boys & Girls Singles, Boys & Girls Doubles, Mixed Doubles U13 - Half-Court Singles & Full-Court Doubles (boys & girls combined) Eligibility: U13 - Born 2005 or later U15 - Born 2003 or later U17 - Born 2001 or later U19 - Born 1999 or later Open - No Restrictions U15/U17/U19/Open Cost: Early Bird Registration (Until Thursday, January 21) .00 - 1 Event .00 - 2 or 3 Events U13 Cost: - 1 Event U13 - 2 Events U13 MBA Membership is mandatory.

MBA Regional Membership Available During Registration (.00) Registration Deadline: Sunday January 22nd @ pm Included in Tournament: 3 Matches/Event, Pizza Lunch (Saturday), Souvenir, Nylon Shuttles, Prizes, Referees and Umpires Shuttles: Mavis 350 (Yellow Nylon) Draw Date: Draws will be posted online Wednesday, January 25, 2016 We are very excited to invite you and all your friends to the 6th Anniversary of the Yonex Eastman Open; a nylon (plastic) shuttle tournament for local badminton players in the Eastman/South/Winnipeg Region to play with and against Rural Manitobans in a friendly environment.