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See photos in the photo gallery on my web site Free insurance is also included for the first 6 weeks (if requested) We currently dont have any puppies available,. Currently siring small babies and well boned and good bodies.Unlimited registration and pedigree papers are included This is something which is rarely offered by breeders these days., We deliver to some areas such as Brisbane , Toowoomba or the Gold Coast but if further afield, put them on the plane using Dogtainers. A small home of carefully selected top producing lines from Australia and overseas.She weighs about 14 ounces at this point, and her curly white coat is growing thicker.Puppies are still completely dependent on their mothers during this stage.Without proper diagnostics, it is difficult to tell if an itchy dog has atopic dermatitis, a food reaction, or just skin related canine allergies.It’s estimated that almost half of all dogs in the United States suffer from some kind of allergies. Canine allergies usually present as skin disorders, but the symptoms can also be in the gut.I'm gonna keep an eye on this topic for some hints as I have the same problem with a male Chiquaqua I adopted from a shelter. If you need to take your coffee with you; that's what you need to do.

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I was very pleased to also gain qualification to Judge the Toy Group at championship show level.Between birth and 4 weeks of age, the Maltese puppy’s eyes open and her senses develop.Her baby teeth start to come in, and by 4 weeks old she is starting to stand and cautiously explore.Training must begin from the moment you bring your puppy home.When Maltese puppies are born, they weigh around 4 ounces, their eyes are closed and they cannot hear or smell.Tamslee is a small kennel more concerned with quality and care. We have endeavoured to breed not only delightful and good looking puppies, but also healthy ones!