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It wasn't until the season 2 finale - "Live Together, Die Alone" - that viewers discovered what caused the crash: for the uninitiated, let's just say it was, in part, down to Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick)who lived in a hatch the survivors found in season 1.

The hatch boasted a timer that needed to be reset every 108 minutes in order to abate a pulse of electromagnetism.

» The Hawaii home rented by Lost star Evangeline Lilly burned down to the ground yesterday, but nobody was hurt.

The house, which Lilly shares with two female crewmembers, was empty at the time of the blaze.

The user, named Pyram1dhead, has even gone so far as to integrate moments not shown in the series but in the Missing Pieces webisodes that were released in the wait between seasons 3 and 4.

Nicole Evangeline Lilly was born a native Canadian (and is fluent in French).

Full Story It’s been a pretty dress every night for Jennifer Lopez this week as she’s attended event after event in New York. Great to see her for the dress porn, sure, but how is this helping with the career problem? As noted, Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly and Nikki Stafford Full Story It’s a new episode tonight. As already noted, Lost brings me a considerable amount of stress. It seems this has been something of a cold war brewing inside the Fox house and now he’s taking this fight public, talking about how much he can’t stand 1D on Conan O’Brien. Which is why Matthew Fox is in Monte Carlo at the annual TV Festival. Kelly was performing at the This Day Music Festival Sunday in Nigeria and collapsed on stage and was taken to hospital. Because Matthew Mc Conaughey, even on the rare occasion when he has a shirt on, is killing me.The problem is that Matthew Fox’s daughter is in little girl love with Harry Styles, just like the REST of us who possess eyes and hearts. Well Monaghan just ran afoul of #8, “don’t badmouth another celebrity and/or get involved in a fan war”, but he did stick to 8a, “don’t delete your account”. Full Story B’s father manages Destiny’s Child and his daughter’s solo career and that of Kelly Rowland. Here he is, meditating in the water on some kind of surfboard asking the heavens for some tranquility.She was engaged to co-star Dominic Monaghan from 2004 to 2009.But they broke up in autumn of 2007, and again permanently in 2009.The rented home in Kailua, Hawaii, which Golden Globe nominee Lilly shared with two female crewmembers, was engulfed in flames in the early morning, which destroyed the entire building in 30 minutes.