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So when we renovated our new place, we didn't set up a build-in oven cabinet in the kitchen design.It seemed impractical to have a white elephant appliance at that time since we thought we weren't likely to be cooking much.By the 1930s, the technology had matured and the electrical stove slowly began to replace the gas stove, especially in household kitchens.

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Check the Use and Care Guide for specific electrical requirements.

Slide-In ranges feature the burner and oven controls up front and also are a little bit wider on top to overlap the countertop to create a built-in look.

There are two main benefits: Style and Cleanability.

The current cabinet space for the oven can hold at most a 27 inch oven.

I know that most modern 30" ovens are big enough to hold a 3/4 sheet pan (which measures 21" x 15"), however, most 27" ovens I've seen are not big enough.